Best Pressure Washer Under $300 of 2023: Top 5 Recommendations

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Pressure washing is the worst kept secret to removing the most stubborn stains from most surfaces. From motor oil and anti-freeze stains a few years old to slippery mildew and grime on your picket fence, a pressure washer will exile all the stains and leave the surface looking new. And all for a fraction of the energy you’d spend scrubbing with soap and bucket!

If you’re thinking about buying a pressure washer for home use, you’ll probably want something for medium to light-duty work, so $300 seems like a reasonable price cap. 

Still, there are several other factors to think about before making your purchase decision.

Here is what to consider when looking for the best pressure washer under $300.

How to Buy a Pressure Washer

The most important quality of a pressure washer is its power, measured as pressure output in pounds per square inch (PSI) and water flow in gallons per minute (GPM).

A pressure washer with higher power cleans better and faster and costs more than one with lower power.

Other factors to think about include:

  • Light duty – These rate 1300-1900 PSI at 1.5-2 GPM. They are lightweight, compact and ideal for home use.
  • Medium duty – May be gas or electric-powered, but generate about 2000-2800 PSI at 2-3 GPM. Built with sturdier parts hence slightly more expensive, ideal for small commercial entities.
  • Versatility – You may want a machine whose pressure and water flow may be adjusted for different tasks.
  • Cold vs. hot – Cold washers are ideal for DIY home use, and they’re less expensive. Hot washers are mostly for commercial use. They clean better and faster using less soap but are more expensive.

If you’re looking for a pressure washer for home use, consider the maintenance and storage needs for when the machine isn’t in use.

A washer with an inbuilt soap tank is best for when you need to use solvents and additives in addition to the water. A heavier model should have wheels for portability.

Comparison Chart


Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer


AR Blue Clean, AR383 Electric Pressure Washer


Stanley SHP2150 Powerful Pressure Washer


Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer

PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer Under $300 Reviews

Once you have determined the specifications for the pressure washer that works for you, take some time to scour through a few options.

For every brand or product, rate it against your specs, then check out user reviews to learn its upsides and downsides.

In this article, we highlight five of the best pressure washers under $300. You will learn their features, pros, and cons. Keep reading for more details.

Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer


The Sun Joe SPX2598 Electric Pressure Washer packs a 14.5-amp motor and gives 2000 PSI at 1.65 GPM.

It weighs just under 17 lbs. and includes wheels, making it ideal for light to medium-duty cleaning on your house, car, patio, driveway, porch, or deck.


This Sun Joe washer includes a Total Stop System (TSS), which shuts the pump automatically unless the trigger is engaged.

You can prolong your pump’s lifespan, save energy, and prevent accidents thanks to this safety feature.

2000 PSI maximum internal pressure per CSA test is impressive for its size; it really gets to the bottom of every kind of stain.

Typically, 1450 PSI will be enough to handle your ordinary cleaning jobs. The water inlet pressure should be maxed at 0.7 MPA.

Additionally, it includes adjustable pressure and water flow to help you save energy, depending on the cleaning task you’re tackling.

You can change the spray pattern and water flow quickly by twisting the front tip of the spray wand. It comes with a 33.8 fluid-ounce detergent tank where you can store your soap or solvents to remove the more stubborn stains around the house.

This pressure washer comes guaranteed by the Sun Joe product warranty – two years from the date of purchase, full warranty, no questions asked.

However, it’s a light-duty washer not intended for heavy-duty or commercial cleaning jobs.


  • Excellent pressure and power for a light-duty washer
  • Lightweight, compact and very portable
  • Adjustable pressure, water flow, and spray pattern
  • The long electric cable gives a good range of cleaning
  • Great value for money


  • The trigger needs to be held; can make your hand tired for longer cleaning
  • Fairly noisy, but still quieter than gas models

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer


The AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer by Annovi Reverberi is an eco-friendly pressure washer, with 1900 PSI at 1.5 GPM power on a 13-AMP/ motor with 1.5 horsepower torque, which is over 30 times the pressure you generate using a garden hose.


The greatest quality of this AR electric pressure washer is its water conservation.

You can reduce your water consumption by nearly 80% (compared to a garden hose) while enjoying the same performance you’d expect from a traditional pressure washer.

Attach the variable spray wand and twist to get the kind of high-pressure cleaning you need, changing from concentrated pencil point streams to wide fan-type sprays.

The Turbo wand works best for tougher cleaning jobs. It increases the efficacy of high-pressure cleaning by creating a rotatory, pulsating spray.

A separate 14-ounce detergent bottle that attaches directly onto the spray gun makes adding solvents or detergents easy.

This AR washer is much lighter and easier to use than comparable gasoline models, and it generates far less noise too. The spray gun is designed with quick-release bayonet fittings to make assembly and disassembly of parts easier.

The high-pressure hose is 20 feet long with a 35-foot long power cable for good range. It comes with a storage reel for easy storage.

Accessories can also be stored on-board to avoid misplacement. It includes TSS for the automatic shutdown when the pump is not in use and to prolong the lifespan.

It comes with a full one-year warranty with US-based customer service by email or phone.


  • Comes with most accessories needed for medium-duty residential cleaning
  • Uses 80% less water and 60% less power than non-energy-saving models
  • Easy to assemble out of the box, and easy to change connections and nozzles/spray radius
  • Lightweight, eco-friendly and portable but just as efficient as comparable models
  • Flexible spray hose that resists kinks


  • There may be leakage at the plastic hose adapter – change with a brass model from your local store
  • The hose plastic may be stiff and hard to manage

Stanley SHP2150 2150 PSI Pressure Washer


This Stanley SHP2150 2150 PSI Pressure Washer comes with impressive cleaning capacity for its price point: 2150 PSI at just 1.4 GPM (with 0° tip) – up to 43 times the pressure of a 7 GPM garden hose.


Included is the high-pressure foam cannon, which is the second function of the specially-designed detergent bottle.

It helps you remove deep-seated or tough stains and grime easily. Its powerful and adjustable spray stream is ideal for decks, sidings, pavements, pools, vehicles, animal cages, and outdoor furniture, among others.

Use the foam cannon to blast a layer of activating soap onto tougher stains for deep cleaning and then rinse clean to restore the sparkle.

The accessories are made from professional-grade brass to prevent any leakages and include a garden hose connector and other 22mm connections – most commonly used for professional-grade accessories.

There are four quick connector nozzles, a zinc-steel lance, a spray gun, an O-RING replacement kit, and a soft PVC high-pressure hose 25 feet long. The power cable is 35 feet long, and together you get a good cleaning range before you need to change outlets.

This pressure washer is easy to operate with great results in seconds. For stubborn stains, use the 20° nozzle for a prewash and then soak the surface with detergent using the foam cannon. Let the foam sit in place for about a half-hour before rinsing off with the 15° nozzle.


  • Foam cannon increases the efficiency of cleaning
  • Professional-grade brass connectors prevent leakage
  • 25-foot high-pressure hose is flexible and easy to handle
  • Easy to assemble out of the box, with clear instructions in manual
  • Self-protection mechanisms to prevent damage or accidents


  • May occasionally struggle to give high pressure, usually because of a hose kink
  • Pressing and releasing the trigger too quickly can create a problem

Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer


The Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer is an adjustable pressure washer that gives 2030 PSI maximum pressure at 1.76 GPM, and it runs on a powerful 1800W, 14.5-amp motor for excellent, deep cleaning ability.


The pressure select technology allows you to toggle between two cleaning settings – a low 1450 PSI for ordinary dirt, grease or grime, and a high 2030 PSI for tough stain removal and deep cleaning.

Maximum internal pressure is tested and rated according to CSA test standards, as is the working pressure for a typical load.

A spacious 54.1 fluid-ounce detergent tanks allow you to add the amount of detergent you need for your job from start to finish so that you can boost the results.

It comes with five quick-connect nozzle tips to give everything from an intense jet to a gentle spray according to your cleaning needs.

The total stop system (TSS) automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is released. This helps you to prolong pump life and save energy when you take a break from using the pump.

Enjoy maximum portability with this lightweight, compact washer that is also fitted with easy-glide wheels. 

The Sun Joe line of pressure washer detergents will give the best results with this pressure washer. They include car washes, heavy-duty cleaners, degreasers, house washes, and deck washes.

Like all Sun Joe products, this pressure washer comes with a two-year, no questions asked, full warranty, with excellent US-based customer service for any issues reported.


  • Excellent pressure for all residential cleaning needs
  • TSS functions properly without getting in the way of your flow
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable, with wheels – can be mounted onto a wall for storage
  • Easy to operate – plug and go with connections and accessories
  • Good length of the wand


  • Non-standard fittings – not the M22 type
  • The plastic motor housing can be stiff

PAXCESS Electric High-Pressure Washer

This PAXCESS Electric High-Pressure Washer produces an impressive 2150 PSI at 1.85 GPM and comes with an all-in-one nozzle, detergent tank, and hose reel. It is ideal for cleaning vehicles, floors, walls, furniture, or outdoor furniture.


It is powered by an 1800-watt motor that blasts out the high pressure needed to quickly and easily clean your outdoors and for other residential uses.

The pressure nozzle is adjustable, as easy as twisting the cap until you get the kind of spray you need. The removable detergent tank can be filled with soap or other cleaning agents to improve your cleaning power.

Its high-pressure hose reel is 26 feet long – longer than you need for your regular cleaning jobs around your house and yard.

Anything you can’t reach will definitely be within reach of the extra 33 feet provided by the power cord, which includes inline GFCI to enable safe usage for your outdoor outlets.

It easily folds into a compact, onboard hose reel for easy packing and to prevent kinks that interrupt your pressure stream when cleaning.

The automated total stop system safely shuts down your pump whenever you let go of the trigger to preserve pump life and save energy.

An upgrade following customer feedback changed the wand and connectors from plastic to metal, permanently addressing the leakage problem plastic connectors presented.

It is easy to operate, compact, and portable with easy-glide wheels for movement.


  • The wand includes a soap controller to regulate the amount of soap you need
  • Easy to operate and change pressure and stream type
  • Very powerful at 2150 PSI – gives comparable pressure to gas models
  • It is very cost effective 
  • Even though it’s made from plastic, it is built sturdy


  • The take-up reel for the hose is a little weak, absent for the electric cord
  • The garden hose attachment has some leakage

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