Best Pressure Washer Pump of 2023: Buyer’s Guide and Comparison Chart

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Have you tried using soap, water, and scouring chemicals to clean a surface, but it still won’t come out clean? It’s time to try a pressure washer.

The best pressure washer pump works to ensure you get sparkling and spotless surfaces when you clean.

Pressure washers work by releasing jets of water under very high pressure. The force of water is highly effective in breaking down ground-on dirt that won’t budge under normal cleaning conditions.

However, the pressure will cause no damage to the surface you’re cleaning.

A pressure washer comes with many parts, and one of them is the pump. Without it, the machine would not be able to achieve its cleaning objectives.

The pump helps water accelerate to a high pressure as it squirts from a hose through a trigger gun.

Using a pressure washer, especially for hard-to-clean projects, makes your work a lot easier.

However, without the best pressure washer pump, you might not be able to get the results you desire. It’s for this reason that you must invest time in finding the most appropriate pump for your washer.

Types of Pressure Washer Pumps

Pressure washer pumps are classified according to how they work. They fall into three main types: wobble, axial, and triplex.

However, there are two broader categories: rotary and reciprocating types. The rotary type uses piston and plungers, while the reciprocating types use gears, screws, and vanes.

In this section, however, we’ll cover the three main types as they’re easier to understand for typical consumers.

So, if you’re wondering what category to pick for your new pump, here is what you should know.

1. Wobble Pumps

Most entry-level pumps use a wobble plate connected to the drive shaft.

It works by pushing pistons back and forth to create suction and then push the water out. Each piston has a large spring that allows the wobble plate to push against them.

This design reduces the efficiency of the pump to only 70% as it has to push against water and springs.

Wobble pumps are hard to repair as they have many intricate parts in hard-to-reach places. Their life span is about 2-3 years.

Advantages of Wobbler pumps are:

  • They can run dry
  • Are self-priming
  • Produce high pressure

On their downside, they can’t be repaired when spoilt and must be replaced. This type is best used in washers below 2500 PSI and a flow rate of less than 2 GPM.

2. Axial Cam Pumps

This is an intermediate level pump that comes with more advantages than the wobble pump.

It’s capable of higher GPM and PSI. The difference in design is that the pistons rotate around the swashplate.

As they do so, the swashplate angle causes them to stroke. They go from one side to suck water and the other to push it out.

The movement allows for a larger oil reservoir and larger bearings, extending life.

The lifespan of the pump is twice or thrice that of wobble pumps. They’re used in washers with less than 3500 PSI.

Their benefits are

  • Longer life than other pump types
  • More efficient than the wobble type
  • You can adjust the pressure of water and how it flows

However, the pump becomes very hot while in use. It can also cause excessive vibration if not well balanced.

3. Triplex Plunger Pump

These are professional pumps that allow for higher pressure and last longer than the previous two.

They use the mechanism of a car engine to drive positive action pistons to suck in water. They then push out water with each stroke.

They work at 90% efficiency as the pistons stroke 120 degrees apart for a smooth flow.

Their lifespan depends on how well you maintain them. They’re used in machines with a PSI higher than 3000 PSI.

The reasons you may consider this type of pump are

  • The pumps are highly efficient
  • Less prone to leakages
  • Excellent tolerance to high pressure

On their downside, they’re quite expensive.

Best Pressure Washer Pump Reviews

When looking for a pressure washer pump, you’ll come across several varieties. They’re designed to match different machines depending on their make.

Not knowing what to expect from a pump makes your search more difficult. To help narrow down your choices, here’s a review of some of the best pressure pumps you should consider.

1. Yamatic 2800 PSI Pressure Washer Pump

YAMATIC 7/8" Shaft Vertical Pressure Washer Pump 3000 PSI @...
  • 【Reborn Your Power Washer】YAMATIC Vertical Pressure Washer Pump 7/8" Shaft MAX 3000 PSI / 2.5 GPM /...
  • 【Extended Durability & Adjustable Unloader】 High-performance double seal system prevents leakage,...
  • 【Maintenance-Free】This pump features a maintenance-free crankcase so you never have to change the...
  • 【Easy Start】 Built in for simple & quick cold starts to make the startup a breeze, no need to release...

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The Yamatic pressure washer pump is a direct drive vertical axial pump. It fits most pressure washers with a vertical shaft, including Blackmax, Powerstroke, Troy Bilt, and Briggs & Stratton brands.


Yamatic washer pressure works reliably at a range of between 2000 and 2900 PSI. The best performance is delivered at 2300 PSI at a rate of 2.3 GPM. It’s an excellent replacement for vertical pressure washer pumps.

The design of the pump is built for quick and straightforward cold starts. It doesn’t require you to release pressure first before starting the engine.

The lifespan is 150 hours running time, which outdoes that of other pumps, which last only 60-80 hours. This means that it can support your home cleaning needs for three years, working weekly.


The Yamatic pump is made according to industry standards. It comes with a 7/8” shaft and a generic 22mm by 14mm hose connection.

It also features flange bolts and keys. The distance from the main center shaft to each pin is 4 inches.


  • The soap injection function is designed to work without strain
  • It’s a great replacement in case your existing pressure washer pump fails
  • It is designed to create sufficient pressure for a sparkling wash
  • The bolt holes are perfectly lined and the shaft, key, and bolts all fit in their place
  • The installation process is straightforward


  • The shaft is a little too long
  • The pump is not durable

2. Vertical Pump 7/8” Shaft 2600-2800 PSI Pressure Washer Pump

The vertical pressure washer pump is powered by gasoline. It’s a popular high-quality replacement pump for a variety of pump types.


If you have a pressure washer pump that stopped working for one reason or another, get this vertical pump.

With a shaft of 7/8″, it’s the standard size for all universal small-size pressure washers. The hose connectors are also standard M22, so you don’t have to buy additional fittings.

The pump is rated for a PSI of 2600-2700 and 2.3 GPM. This makes it an ideal pump for small house-cleaning projects as well as car cleaning without causing damage.

For compatibility purposes, make sure that the engine you match the pump with is compatible with a 7/8” shaft.

The mounting bolt measurement from the main shaft to each bolt is 4″. The center spacing between the mounting bolts is 7 11/16″ – 6 3/16″ – 6 7/16″.


  • The installation process is easy as the pump is compatible with a variety of machines
  • It’s a suitable replacement and upgrade for most other types of pumps
  • It is made from a high-quality material
  • It produces more pressure than most other pump types
  • Although a little costly, it gives you value for your money for all its benefits


  • The pump has durability issues
  • The design of the pump is poor, with water coming out of the chemical injection port

3. Homelite Universal 2800 Pressure Washer Water Pump

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Homelite Universal 2800 Pressure Washer pump is a product that has won the hearts of many users.

They believe that it’s the best replacement for old or broken pumps. Put it on your buying list and acquire it if it fits your machine.


This Homelite pump is rated for 2800 PSI water pressure, providing an appropriate water flow of 2.5 GPM.

As a pump compatible with many machine models, it can be used with BM02711, HU80709, PS262311, and UT80835, among many others.

Some of these models belong to brands like Husky, Homelite, and Ryobi pressure washers. Weighing only 4 pounds, it’s easily portable for added convenience. The shaft is compatible with a 7/8″ shaft vertical crank engine.

Its design allows you to get a sufficient flow of water as you do your cleaning. Assembling it will also not take much of your time.


  • Delivers excellent results when used for difficult cleaning tasks
  • Provides sufficient and constant water flow
  • Compatible with most pressure washers from different brands
  • The installation process is quick and straightforward
  • The product doesn’t cost much yet gives you excellent service


  • The pump doesn’t come with a thermal release valve
  • The shaft doesn’t fit into ¾” motor shafts

4. Annovi Reverberi RMW22G24-EZ Triplex Plunger Pump

AR ANNOVI REVERBERI RMW22G24-EZ Triplex Plunger Pump 2.5,...
578 Reviews
AR ANNOVI REVERBERI RMW22G24-EZ Triplex Plunger Pump 2.5,...
  • Triplex plunger pump
  • Max psi 2400
  • Max temp 140 Degree F
  • Max gallons per minute (GPM): 2. 2

Last update on 2024-07-12 at 14:35 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Annovi Reverberi is a universal replacement pump for most washer brands. It works best with washers with front-facing inlets or outlet connections. The pump comes in two different configurations for vertical gas engine gas-driven units.


The pump is rated at 2,400 PSI at a rate of 2.2 GPM and spins at 3,400 RPM.

The pump comes with a keyed hollow shaft that makes it easy for the pump to mount on different engines. The mounting flange provides a convenient connection for shafts measuring 7/8”.

The pump also features a built-in pressure control valve with a downstream chemical injection system. It also comes with a start valve and thermal relief valve.

Other features of the pump are

  • A double gasket sealing system
  • “S” version with upgraded grade valves
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Compatible with various types of motors
  • Integral regulating valve
  • Different delivery connections
  • Two bearing systems that support the shaft and pistons
  • The head is pressed in brass and the body in die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Comes with Easy Start Valve
  • Has an optional detergent suction system

The intake valves are fitted above the pistons for enhanced efficiency.


  • The pump works effortlessly, and replacement of parts is easy
  • The pump is designed for durability
  • Can efficiently withstand heavy-duty cleaning of surfaces
  • It’s a perfect fit for a wide variety of washers
  • The pump comes securely packaged and intact


  • The company that makes the pump doesn’t offer excellent customer service
  • The graphic illustration on installation is inconsistent and the pump drawn is different

5. Horizontal Pump ¾” Shaft 2600-2800 PSI New Pressure Washer Pump

This Horizontal Pump is fueled by gasoline and is a high-quality replacement pump for a variety of models.


The horizontal pump is an OEM product meant for the replacement of many pressure washer pump models.

If you have a pump that’s corroded or no longer working efficiently, don’t hesitate to buy this one.

With a rating of 2600-2800 PSI and a rate of 2.3 GPM, it’s the perfect match for both small and large cleaning projects.

It produces an amount of pressure that’s safe and comfortable for use. When washing your car, you won’t be afraid that the pressure might damage the paint.


The pump comes with a standard shaft measuring ¾”, which is universal for most horizontal pressure washers.

The hose connector is also a standard M22, which fits well in most pressure washers. This eliminates the need for you to buy additional fittings when you shop.

A 5.5-6.5 HP engine will conveniently power this pump without developing problems.

Bolting it on is also easy, and it’s just like the pump was made for the engine. The mounting bolt measurement is 2 5/8 from the center to the inner hole and 1 7/8 to the outer one.

The pump is compatible with several washer models like Homelite, Powerstroke, Delta, Karcher, Craftsman, and Simpson.


  • The pump is compatible with various washer models
  • It can fit in motors with a shaft of 2 1/2″
  • The pump doesn’t require you to buy additional fittings like bolts
  • It has a higher PSI rating than most other pumps on the market
  • A great pump that comes at almost half price of an equally good pump


  • The pump is not as it appears in advertisements and doesn’t fit ¾ shafts
  • The chemical injector nozzle doesn’t work properly

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